Capital Storage Fund

The Principals of Capital Storage Fund, and their affiliated companies, have a growing portfolio over 3400 cashflowing storage units in 8 states. The Operations Team has an extensive 10-year track record of success in the self storage industry, and the partners of the fund have over 40 years of combined real estate investing experience. They have established proven systems for handling all aspects of self-storage investing, and their extensive backgrounds and relationships help them identify properties that minimize investment risk and maximize cash on cash returns.

The Capital Storage Fund has strict acquisition criteria that seeks out low occupancy properties and leverages solid marketing & management systems to increase occupancy, thereby increasing the overall value of the property and providing a great return to its investors.

We understand that our typical investor likes to minimize their exposure to risk, yet still seek out higher than average returns.   With growing turbulence in the stock market and other investment areas, self storage is a wise niche to consider as these type of properties historically perform better when the economy hits turbulent times.  Self storage investments – particularly with the business model of buying low and adding value, minimizes risk and creates a significant opportunity for investors.

Our Team

Al Johnson
Al JohnsonBS; MBA; Former US Air Force Officer
Al began investing in self-storage facilities in 2007. Since then, Al has acquired and operated more than $17 million in real estate, including 15 self-storage properties, 2 apartment complexes, and 3 residential rentals.
Terri Garner
Terri GarnerBS; MBA
Terri has acquired and co-operated 12 self-storage properties with the other members of the management team. Since 1996, she has personally transacted over $35 million worth of real estate in 21 states around the country.
Alia Ott
Alia OttBA; BRE Broker
Alia has acquired and co-operated 12 self-storage properties with the other members of the management team. She has spent more than 13 years actively investing in real estate and has been involved in over $30M worth of real estate transactions and fund management.

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